SilverJack Bonus Prices!!

SilverJack has teamed up with awesome sound design tools developers to create an amazing bundle of professional products for that will be given to the lucky winner.

Win professional sound design tools valued at more than $450!!

Audio plugins, audio software, kontakt instruments and sound effects libraries.

Digital-Brain Instrument:  - Voxpat2

                                                   - Batch Pro


Mechanical Wave:   

Mechanical Bank Complete SFX Collection | Includes all sound effects by Mechanical Wave.

                                                             - Undoing Computer

                                                             - Vegetable Massacres

                                                             - Foley Session 01 & 02

                                                             - Sci-Fi Invaders

                                                             - Multi Impacts

                                                             - Whoosh's Collection

                                                             - Ski-Doo

                                                             - Toys

                                                             - Torturing Wood

                                                             - Scrap School Bus Dashboard

                                                             - Footsteps, Outdoor Session 01

                                                             - Ambiance & Weather and

                                                             - Rock Brick & Dirt I & II.



The winner will be announced at the end of the Pixel Challenge,

before the award ceremony

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