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New RPG Outward Exclusive: A Bit of Borderlands And Fallout With Some Local Co-Op

The RPG genre has seen some absolute gems release over the past few years. Games like The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and others have set the bar for the genre this generation. While those experiences are certainly standards for developers to aim at, companies like Nine Dots Studio are also trying to innovate within the space.

Nine Dots Studio is developing the upcoming RPG Outward. This brand-new IP brings gamers into a gorgeous, diverse world where each time you playthrough the narrative your experience is different. Not only will your story change from playthrough to playthrough, but gamers will be able to do something no RPG has done this generation.

You might be wondering what exactly Outward could do that studios like BioWare and CD Projekt RED have yet to do. Nine Dots Studio is bringing local split-screen co-op into its RPG experience. This is something that we have yet to see in an RPG of this magnitude, and it feels like a game changing feature.

Gamers can play online or locally with a friend and take on the world of Outward. The maximum amount of players will be two per game. The combination of the stunning world, dynamic narrative and innovative split-screen co-op will make Outward a can’t miss title.

We Write Things wanted to learn more about Outward and had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Guillaume Boucher-Vidal. The founder and president of Nine Dots Studio shared new details surrounding the game’s narrative functions, customization, progression, skills, local co-op, world size, playthrough lengths, dynamic defeat scenarios, the possibility of partnering with a publisher, and more.

Read the full article here :

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