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Simon Lacroix - CEO / Sound Designer

Simon has been passionate about sound and music ever since he was a young boy. He is also passionate about video games and visual arts. Later, he decided to unite these passions, turning it into a profession. He graduated from Creation and Sound Editing at Quebec city's Notre Dame de Foy Campus in 2011. He launched SilverJack Studio to practice his art and live from his passion.

Since his inception, he has been involved in a multitude of projects with the independent video game community. He has had the opportunity to work with companies across Canada, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, Halifax and of course Montreal and Quebec City. Simon continues to expand his collaborative reach by crossing borders and working with companies from Chicago, Paris, and London.

He is also the founder of Mechanical Wave, an internet marketing platform that allows him to reach more people with his art.

Jean-François Racine - Music Composer

As a well-versed pianist since his childhood, Jean- François began composing music by being part of a progressive metal band called Kälter. Jean-François then studied jazz piano in college. He continued his musical path by completing a bachelor's degree at Sherbrooke’s University, studying in composition and interactive music.

Nowadays, he composes for symphonic orchestras, piano, jazz ensembles, and choirs. He also produces electronic music under the name of Frootz and Detoor. Color, passion, harmony, and versatility can be found in all of his works.

Jean-François joined the team during the summer of 2016, after winning a prize and being recruited by the SilverJack Studio at the Pixel Challenge 2016. The year after, he won the first prize for videogame music.

  • We also call, if need be, some sound designers and composers freelancer.

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